Invest with Purpose

Plan, Invest, Protect=Live a life you love


“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

— Warren Buffett —

Wealth does not happen by chance. You need a plan. You have most likely earned what you have today as a result of prudent decisions, hard work, and a bit of good advice along the way. Life’s joys and challenges will cause your plan to change over time. Our partnership with you reflects our commitment to understand, care, and guide your financial decisions toward the accomplishment of your goals. This includes but is not limited to: portfolio management, estate planning, tax minimization, risk management, budgeting, generational wealth education, charitable giving, socially conscious investing, asset purchases & sales.



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin —

It is a great honor that you trust us to invest your life savings. We do not take the responsibility lightly. Every day we immerse ourselves in research and education in order to build world class investment portfolios. We believe that the best portfolio is the one that accomplishes your financial goals with as little risk as possible. The challenge today is that more information is available to investors than ever before in history. Our mission is to distill information according to what is relevant to your life and implementing that into a cohesive personalized investment plan.

Your portfolio is managed to pursue your financial goals and maintain purchasing power throughout your life. We seek to accomplish this goal by targeting a rate of return equal to inflation plus 2-6% (based on your personal needs). As inflation increases, your expected return also increases. Each investment must pass a rigorous screening process, which includes outside consultants and third party research. Additionally, our team utilizes quantitative and fundamental analysis, which includes company visits to understand real-time demands. Surevest portfolios are well-diversified and include individual securities, alternative asset classes, and hedging techniques usually associated with large institutional money managers.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protection from losses in a declining market



“I have met a lot of former millionaires who are now broke. You have to know how to play defense.”

— Robert Luna —

We help you protect your hard-earned savings from volatile investment markets, taxes, lawsuits, and life’s unforeseen events. A few of the key areas we focus on are:

Portfolio Risk Management

We believe that building a well-diversified portfolio is not enough. Most investors will witness 3-4 bear markets during their retirement in which stocks and/or bonds decline 20% or more. The essence of great investing is great risk management. We build portfolios for our clients utilizing both traditional and alternative classes in order to help minimize market volatility.

Tax Minimization

Improper estate planning, lazy accounting, and poor portfolio management can hand money to Uncle Sam that should stay in your family. At Surevest, we coordinate with CPAs and estate planning attorneys to integrate all areas of your financial life into one cohesive tax minimization plan. 


You can’t insure against every possible risk.  Great wealth management involves finding the right balance between self-insuring and transferring risks to an insurance company.  We sincerely hope that you never become disabled, die prematurely, go to a nursing home, get in a car accident, or get sued.  However, if you do, we want to be sure that the emotional toll on you and your family is not compounded by financial stress and uncertainty.

Estate Planning

We will work with estate planning attorneys to help protect your family and your legacy through the use of wills, trusts, corporate entities, and other legal documents.


Live a Life you Love

“All our dreams can come true—if we have the courage to pursue them.”

— Walt Disney —

Wealth is a tool that can be used to make memories, create opportunity, implement change, and spend more time with the people you love. We work with you to find out what truly makes you happy and then help structure your finances around these pursuits. The greatest joy we receive as advisors is watching you use your wealth to live a life you love. Outside of comprehensive wealth management to qualified families, we offer our SV PROSPERITY concierge services to help give you back two of the most valuable resources in the world: time and more confidence.

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