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Financial Advisor, “Changing Landscape of Long-Term Care Policies”

Ben Mattlin of Financial Advisor magazine features Jeremy Kisner, CFP, president at Surevest Capital Management, in an article discussing the changing landscape of long-term care policies. Kisner weighs in on the reasons behind these changes. “Insurers miscalculated the true costs of providing the coverage. They overestimated how many policyholders would…

| In the Media

Yahoo Finance, “Five Signs of an Investment Bubble”

Robert Luna, CIMA, CEO and chief investment officer at Surevest Capital Management, appears on Yahoo! Finance TV “Breakout” to offer five signs of an investment bubble. They include: 1) Deviation from historical value, 2) Experts begin to predict extreme highs, 3) The average person suddenly becomes an expert, 4) You…

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