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Weekly Insight: Marrying a Fracking Millionaire

Last week the stock market had a tough week.  When stocks sell off, everybody wants to know why. Last week’s selloff is being blamed on everything from the collapse of the peso in Argentina to bad manufacturing numbers out of China. Whatever the case, the bigger concern is how long…

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Surevest Insight: Is College Worth the Cost?

One of the more interesting debates to come up over the past few years is whether or not a college education is worth the cost.  A few high profile people, such as Peter Thiel (self-made billionaire); have questioned the value of a degree in the face of rapidly escalating costs…

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2013 Review / 2014 Outlook

 Suppose I told you that we were going to have budget cuts (through the sequestration), broad based tax increases (due to the expiration of the payroll tax holiday), a government shutdown, continued high employment (over 7%) and mediocre economic growth (2%). What do you think the stock market would do…

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Surevest Insight: Our 2014 Predictions

Do you have a prediction for 2014?  It seems like everyone has their own forecasts and theories about the coming year in financial markets.  Each year hundreds of gurus make rosy predictions and just as many layout their case for imminent decline.  In each case their forecasts are backed up…

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