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Weekly Insight: That Robot Took My Job

Do you ever wonder why so many people think the economy is weak? After all, corporate profits and the stock market are both at all-time highs. Personally, I blame robots. Most people’s perception of the economy is based on the strength of the job market. We all know people who…

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Weekly Insight: Economics of Cold Weather

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day. Even if your sweetheart did not deliver flowers and chocolates, the stock market came through for you. The market is once again proving quite resilient. Every time the market declines a bit, buyers come off the sidelines. The Dow Jones Index, which…

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CNBC: Want to Own Disney Stock?

Disney epitomizes the type of stock you want to own right now. In a year where the s&p 500 is pretty much trading at fair valuations and what the market’s looking for is companies that could be on the top line, bottom line and really importantlytoday, you have to have a robust pipeline and roadmap…

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Arizona Republic: After bullish ’13 does bear loom? Check Signs

  Surevest President, Jeremy Kisner,  was interviewed by The Arizona Republic’s Russ Wiles. Check out the article, which evaluates the current stock market environment in relation to Jeremy’s  framework for evaluating market bubbles.   “After bullish ’13, does bear loom? Check signs.

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Weekly Insight: Jimmy Choo for $80

I was reminded this week just how much everyone loves a bargain. A friend was “over the moon” because she had found Jimmy Choo pumps for $80. For men reading this, we are talking about shoes. Anyway, this was an impossible price. Jimmy Choos normally sell for $500 or more….

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Fox Business: Number of users key to LinkedIn’s future success?

Surevest Wealth Management CEO, Robert Luna, discusses LinkedIn’s fourth-quarter results and where the opportunities are for investors.  “People are not buying social media stocks because their cheap right?” Robert states that while these stocks are priced to perfection, they are about to make a big push into China so the…

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Weekly Insight: Super Bowl Economics

Did you watch the big game this past weekend?  The Super Bowl did not disappoint… that is unless you are a Bronco’s fan or unless you were hoping for a close game.  Nevertheless, from an economic perspective the Super Bowl broke all kinds of records.  The game was broadcast in…

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