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Weekly Insight: Buy or Lease a Car?

A few weeks ago we wrote about how much house you can afford. This week we are covering the other biggest item in most family’s budgets, automobile expense. The average American family spends 13-17% of their household income on transportation, which is mostly automobile expenses. This is more than most…

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Weekly Insight: The Chances of an IRS Audit

You can rest easy now that you have filed your taxes. That is unless you get audited. Just the thought of it strikes fear in most Americans. What is the chance of your tax return being selected for an IRS audit? Overall, it is about 1%. However, the more you…

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CNBC: Hot Dividend-Paying Strategies

CNBC – Hot Dividend-Paying Strategies transcript:I would never consider dividend strategies boring. where fundamentals are so important to identify the best companies that can maneuver through these markets, different-paying strategy and that commitment to shareholders is really important. and so give us some names. occidental?occidental petroleum, they’ve been around almost 100 years,very large, well-run company. they’re diversified around theworld. thief consistently paid a healthy dividend. they’re…

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1st Quarter Commentary, 2014

Early in the second quarter it is becoming clear that the high flying momentum stocks that propelled the S&P to new highs in 2013 are taking it on the chin. Stocks such as Tesla, Priceline and Netflix are down in excess of twenty percent in just one short month. This…

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Weekly Insight: The Great Rotation

Did your mom ever say some version of… “If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned”? That is what comes to mind when we look at what happened to high flying momentum stocks over the past month. The overall stock market is down about 1% over the past…

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CNBC: Market outlook and bargain shopping: UHAL, FIG & more

What stocks investors should eye now, with Robert Luna, Surevest Wealth Management CEO.   this is a market where you look at the s&p valuations are fairand small caps are looking pretty expensive. you have to do some bargain shopping, finding companies in dominant market position and have reasonable valuations. my favorite company in the space is a…

| In the Media 5 strategies to build your retirement income

Surevest Wealth Managment CEO and CIO Robert Luna was featured in Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch article, 5 strategies to build your retirement income.  In the article he states that the primary purpose of a retirement portfolio should be able to distribute enough inflation-adjusted income to maintain the investor’s lifestyle throughout their lifetime. …

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AZ Republic: Stocks popularity wanes even as market hits new highs

Jeremy Kisner is quoted in the Arizona Republic. View link below for full articular  The Arizona Republic, Apr. 5, 2014 Jeremy Kisner Jeremy A. Kisner, CFP®, CPWA® is a Senior Wealth Advisor at Surevest Wealth Management and author of book: A Good Financial Adviser Will Tell You. http://svwealth.

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Weekly Insight: Is the stock market rigged?

Did anyone catch 60 Minutes last Sunday? There was an interesting story about how high-frequency traders have an unfair advantage over mom-and-pop investors. High-frequency trading is the use of high powered computers and computer algorithms to give certain investors a split-second advantage over other traders in the stock market. These…

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