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CNBC: The Race For Share of Your Life is On

Robert Luna, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Surevest Wealth Management, Discusses Google’s new product line and the push by tech companies to get involved in all aspects of your life.   Robert’s Transcript from Video: Right now, the bigger picture is all these companies, whether it’s Amazon or Google or Apple, they’re…

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Weekly Insight: Food Costs

This week I wanted to write about a topic that is near and dear to everyone’s heart…food. It is the third largest expense among American households after housing and transportation. Food represents 13% of the average American family’s household spending. Here in the United States, food is plentiful and cheap…

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Weekly Insight: What I Learned at Costco

I promised to share some of my experiences and insights from my recent trip to Seattle with the Wharton Fellows group. These trips are designed to provide access to C-suite decision makers at top companies. The meetings follow a format designed by Wharton that enables us to obtain an enormous…

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Fox Business: Concerns About Economic Growth Weighing on Investors?

Weighing in on investor concerns about the economic growth and the overall outlook for the 2014 markets is Surevest Wealth Management CEO Robert Luna. Robert’s Notes from Video: In regards to the opportunity of picking stocks instead of entire indexes, Rob says that high net worth clients have high net worth expectations….

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Weekly Insight: Father’s Day Gifts

Dads, I don’t want you to think you are any less appreciated…but the fact is, the average American spends 41% more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. To make matters worse, people boosted spending plans for Mom by 11% this year, while the money expected to be shelled out for…

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Fox Business: Should You Buy Life Insurance for Your Kid?

Jeremy Kisner, CFP and Senior Wealth Advisor at Surevest is quoted extensively throughout this Fox Business article on whether or not it makes sense to buy life insurance on your children. Jeremy states that “It is hard to make a good case that a child’s death would create a financial hardship…

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Weekly Insight: Why is Apple going up?

I have just returned from a weeklong trip to Seattle with Wharton Fellows and faculty continuing our research from last year in Silicon Valley on “The Next Big Thing.” Every investor and business person wants to understand the compelling trends that will unfold over the next few years. After all,…

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CNBC: Judging Apple

  Discussing Apple’s strategy and how the media and consumers critique the tech giant, is Robert Luna, Surevest Wealth Management CEO & CIO.   Transcript from Video:   Well, in a way Apple is a bit of a victim of its own success. We’re all waiting for the next piece of hardware…

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