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CNBC: Twitter Beats on All Metrics

Robert Luna, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Surevest Wealth Management, discusses Twitter’s stock analysis over their latest 2014 quarterly numbers Robert’s notes: In regards to the average cost of Twitter: It’s average cost is in the low 30’s. Not excited if it moves 25 % up. He’s hoping for a…

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Weekly Insight: Economics of Rental Real Estate, Part 2

In last week’s blog post, we looked at the cash flows and expected returns from a residential rental property. We told my friend “Yeremy” that our expected average annualized return would be 8.09% if he keeps his rental for 30 years until it is paid off. If he had paid…

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Weekly Insight: Economics of Rental Real Estate, Part 1

Have you ever wondered whether buying a rental property is a better investment than the stock market? What are the costs, challenges, and likely returns for being a landlord?  Analyzing all of the cash flows can get confusing, so let me elucidate. That means shed light upon…just in case the…

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Weekly Insight: Boomerang Kids

Do you know anyone who has an adult child living at home for financial reasons? Most people do. Yet very few pre-retirees have this situation on their radar of financial risks to their retirement or break out financial support for adult children as a planned budget item. The term “boomerang…

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1st Half 2014 Review & Outlook

The front page headline of the Wall Street Journal the other day said it all – “Stock, Bond, Commodities indexes rise in unison for first time since 1993”; the caveat “some see clouds forming.” It’s been called the Rodney Dangerfield rally because it gets no respect. Investors have become preconditioned to every…

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Me? A Reverse Mortgage?

Lately, reverse mortgages have been getting more respect from financial planning journals. Many people think reverse mortgages are to be used as a tool of last resort. However, recent research has shown that they can be more valuable if taken earlier in retirement to decrease the amount of withdrawals needed…

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