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Weekly Insight: Pensions – Lump Sum or Lifetime Payments

It is an age old financial planning dilemma: Take the big sexy pot of money or the monthly payments for life? This question, of course, assumes that you are fortunate enough to have a pension and your pension offers a lump sum option. Some people like the idea of the…

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Weekly Insight: Undeterred by Low Interest Rates?

Low interest rates have plagued fixed income investors for the past several years. Each year, analysts predict that rates will go up, and then…they stay low or decline even further. Many consumers see this when they walk into the bank and are offered virtually zero interest on their savings and checking…

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CNBC: Have a Monster and a Coke

Have a Monster and a Coke. Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, discusses Coca-Cola’s stake in Monster Beverage and who they should be looking to acquire.   Segment Notes and Summary: How smart is this deal? Should they buy Kraft? Should Coke pursue healthy snacks? Consumers have lots of…

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Weekly Insight: Why Volatility Matters

If you learn one thing from our newsletter this year, I hope it will be the concept of today’s issue. I have come to believe that volatility is one of the most underappreciated aspects of investing. Everyone likes to focus on rates of returns, but the volatility of a portfolio…

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Weekly Insight: Economics of Rental Real Estate, Part 3

If I asked 100 people: What is the most important element of a real estate investment? The most common answer would be: location, location, location. Why? The better the location, the more investors expect the property to appreciate. Rents will go up as the property appreciates.  There is a natural…

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