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CNBC: Should We Stick With The US For Investments?

When debating if we should stick with the US or consider Europe for Investments, Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, thinks the U.S. is the better bet. Robert’s Notes from Segment: Why should we stick with the US for investments? Main argument is for Europe to be like the…

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Fox Business: Thoughts on Lincoln Financial and Greet Dot

Surevest Wealth Management CEO Robert Luna discusses the markets and evaluate Lincoln Financial and Green Dot stocks   Is it true federal government is trying to weaken dollar and bring inflation? I agree, it is a secular bull market. There are two things out there: extreme over value and rapid rise…

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Weekly Insight: Prenuptial Agreement

Nothing kills romance faster than the words “Prenuptial Agreement.” However, with over 40% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages, and 70% of third marriages ending in divorce, many people are willing to brave the Prenup conversation. A prenuptial agreement specifies who gets what in terms of assets and spousal…

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CNBC: Thoughts on Alibaba IPO

Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, shares his take on the e-commerce company Alibaba and their IPO   Notes from Robert’s appearance: Growth, emerging market and tech managers can’t afford to run portfolios without an Alibaba position. It is just a stock that they have to own. The Chinese…

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Weekly Insight: Diet, Exercise and Diversification

Have you ever drunk a shot of wheat grass? It tastes absolutely awful. It is extremely good for you, but I never, ever want to try it again. There are many other things that are good for you such as low-fat, low-salt diets, but most of us would rather eat…

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Weekly Insight: Investing In The Top 1%

The Occupy Wall Street movement shined a light on growing inequality between the middle class and the top 1%. The inequality is real and getting more pronounced. I recently saw an article in the Los Angeles Business Journal ranking the wealthiest Los Angelenos. Number 48 on the list was a…

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