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Weekly Insight: Spending Less Than Planned in Retirement

It seems like every article we read these days says that people are not saving enough for retirement. Wouldn’t it be great to find out that you may be overestimating how much money you need to retire? Don’t get me wrong. The more you save, the better, and we certainly…

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Weekly Insight: Gold and the Greater Fool Theory

In times of stock market volatility and government intervention in financial markets, some people are comforted by owning hard assets (e.g., gold). We have never been big proponents of investing more than a few percent of a portfolio in the precious metal and neither is Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet has…

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CNBC: Google’s Third Quarter 2014 Results

Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, provide instant analysis on Google’s Third Quarter 2014 Results   Robert’s notes: In regards to Google’s quarterly numbers, Google is at 15 times earnings but paid click growth slowed meaningfully. However, you need to look their ancillary revenue. Google is a leader in innovation…

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Weekly Insight: Your Credit Score

Do you ever feel like you’re just a number? Well, in the eyes of lenders, you are a number, and that number is called your FICO score. Despite the commercials on TV about wanting to make your dreams come true, most financial institutions are not interested in lending to you…

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Weekly Insight: 3rd Quarter Commentary, 2014

The third quarter was challenging across the board. Volatility picked up, and almost every major asset class saw moderate declines. U.S. small cap stocks (Russell 2000) shed nearly 8% in the third quarter. The Vanguard Energy Index Fund (VDE) was down 8.9% and gold was down 9.2%, both victims of…

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Weekly Insight: Should I Refinance?

Have you been wondering how you could save another $160 a month? I read this week that $160 is the average savings homeowners realize when they refinance their mortgages. About 20 percent of households who could benefit from refinancing are not doing it—according to a report from the National Bureau…

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