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Weekly Insight: When Will You Need The Money?

Today’s article is short, sweet, and crucial to everyone’s understanding of investing. One of the most common mistakes among investors of all ages is not matching the right type of investment to their intended time horizon (how long until they need the money). We are frequently asked where to invest…

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CNBC: Stocks to Consider as Market Hits New Highs

Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, Discusses current market conditions on CNBC, his top picks and where the best investment value lies. Transcript of Robert’s Topics: Lincoln Financial: Stock that is trading at 9 1/2 times earnings and capitalizing on baby boomer epidemic. Big player in the annuity category. When…

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Weekly Insight: Divorce and Money

Sometimes we develop well thought-out financial plans and then life throws us a curveball. One of these is the break-up of a marriage. The divorce rate in the U.S. is around 50% and even higher in many other countries. It is unlikely that the divorce rate will be falling anytime…

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Weekly Insight: Why We Never Go to Cash

A month ago, I had lunch with one of our clients. The market had been particularly volatile and this client admitted that he was nervous. He felt a bit better after our discussion, but he ended our meeting by saying: “If things get ugly, it is okay with me if…

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CNBC: Excited About Disney

Robert Luna, CEO for Surevest Wealth Management, discusses Disney’s 4th quarter 2014 earnings. Robert’s transcript: Is Disney one of your most bullish positions? It’s the firm’s largest position and there is a lot to be exited about. Someone once asked me “What’s your favorite internet stock?” and I said Disney….

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Weekly Insight: Teaching Kids About Money

All parents pray that their children will never have to worry about where their next meal will come from, or work in a job they dislike, or damage their bodies or their self-esteem. Money has the potential to protect your loved ones from the harsh realities of life. Yet good…

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