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Weekly Insight: Why Exchange Rates Matter

I know that many of our clients traveled to Europe over the past few years and were surprised at how expensive things were. The good news for American tourists is that Europe is getting cheaper (or at least less expensive). That goes for European vacations as well as goods and…

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Weekly Insight: The Psychology of High Earners

Today I wanted to share some interesting new research from the Journal of Financial Planning that looked at the psychological and behavioral factors that predicted high levels of income. To be considered a high income earner for the study, individuals had to earn $154,000 annually, which would put them in…

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CNBC: Why Earnings Matter

Discussing whether earnings are the most important factor impacting stocks, with Robert Luna, SureVest Wealth Management.   Robert Luna Robert has over 16 years of experience in managing assets for institutions, professional athletes, small business owners and high net worth investors. He is an alumnus of the Wharton School at…

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Weekly Insight: 2014 Review & 2015 Outlook

Not All Boats Were Lifted The Global economy and, shall I say, a crash in commodity prices presented a challenging, albeit moderately positive, year for investors with globally diversified portfolios in 2014. THE DBE Power shares energy sector ETF fell 41%, sending panic across many asset classes during the fourth…

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Weekly Insight: The Best Is Yet To Come

Every once in a while, we include a non-financial topic in our weekly newsletter because we believe the topic is compelling. This week’s topic focuses on the latest research on happiness and aging. Contrary to the viewpoint that youth is the best time of life, a growing body of research…

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