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Weekly Insight: You Can’t Deduct That!

Now that TD Ameritrade has sent out its 1099s, tax season is in full swing. Americans everywhere are adding up their receipts and trying to find ways to reduce their adjusted gross income to a much lower “taxable income” figure. The easy route is to take the standard deduction. Maybe…

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Weekly Insight: The Costco & AMEX Divorce

It is always surprising when longstanding couples get divorced. Last week’s announcement from Costco was no exception. The 16 year exclusive deal whereby Costco only accepted AMEX credit/charge cards was very rare in the retail industry. Many people got the American Express card just so they could use it at…

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Weekly Insight: Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

In case you have lost your calendar, and an alert has not popped up on your phone, let me remind you that this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. I hope that all 365 days of your year are filled with love, but this one is also supposed to be filled with…

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CNBC: Market Vulnerability

Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management discusses the most vulnerable places in the market right now.   Jeremy Kisner Jeremy A. Kisner, CFP®, CPWA® is a Senior Wealth Advisor at Surevest Wealth Management and author of book: A Good Financial Adviser Will Tell You. http://svwealth.

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Weekly Insight: Survivors and Family Benefits

Most people reading this have known someone who died prematurely. Too often, the family’s grief is compounded by financial stress and uncertainty. The first thing that goes through my mind when I hear a story like this is, “I hope they had enough life insurance.” However, another source of financial…

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