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Weekly Insight: Insuring the Modern Economy

Computers, the Internet, and other advances in technology have dramatically increased the speed at which business happens. It seems that fortunes are made and lost at record speed, and prices can surge and plunge much quicker than ever before. It is surprising how resilient and stable the economy has been,…

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Weekly Insight: Time for a New Car?

How long should you keep your car, and how much should you spend on a new one? These are questions we all ask ourselves. Americans have always loved cars, which is probably why the average family overspends on automobiles at the expense of other financial priorities. Many people buy the…

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Weekly Insight: Is It Different This Time?

Happy St. Patty’s day. I hope you are all enjoying some corned beef and cabbage. This week, we evaluate whether or not we are fooling ourselves into thinking that this bull market will continue to defy skeptics. In our book, A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You, we make the…

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Weekly Insight: Financial Tips for Young Families – Part 2

In case you missed Part 1, (tips 1-8) click HERE to check it out. We continue our list below of fine financial advice for young families in search of prosperity. Ignore “professional” economic forecasts – The standing joke is if you ask 10 economists, you will get 11 different answers….

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Weekly Insight: Financial Tips For Young Families

Becoming wealthy is really not rocket science. You simply need to develop good financial habits and stick to them. You can be a little more capricious with your financial decisions once you are wealthy (or at least comfortable). However, people remain financially prudent, even when they no longer “need” to…

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