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Weekly Insight: The Best Time to Buy

It’s ironic that I am giving out shopping tips. I hate shopping. That being said, I did participate in Black Friday this year. The first thing that bothered me about the experience was there was no stampede. Did toymakers miss the mark this year? No Cabbage Patch Kids, no Beanie…

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Weekly Insight: Trump Election Impacts Markets

It has been two weeks since the political earthquake of this generation. Worldwide investment markets are trying to figure out what a Trump administration will mean for economic growth, inflation, deficits, and interest rates. There is still almost two months before we have a new President in the White House,…

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Weekly Insight: Buying Down Your Interest Rate

This week a friend of mine was thinking about refinancing his house and asked what I thought about buying down the interest rate. I thought this was a great topic for this week’s newsletter, so here is the scoop. You can get a lower interest rate for a price when…

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Weekly Insight: The World Series

Happy Monday! We are sending our weekly article one day early because there is no way we will be able to compete with election coverage tomorrow night. OMG, the election is here!    Now on to this week’s article. I hope baseball fans will not fault me for reducing the…

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Weekly Insight: Cloud Computing

One article that caught my eye this past week was: 55-year-old woman makes history and $140 million by taking her tech company public. It is a great story, which combines the American Dream with one of the most important trends in technology…Cloud Computing. The woman is Therese Tucker. She founded…

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