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Crunch Time & The Short Term Dilemma

Most people expected the stock market to go down last week due to debt ceiling concerns, but instead it went up. Why? 2 reasons: passage of a 2nd bailout package for Greece & Corp earnings continue to exceed expectations. People have a hard time grasping that although the U.S. economy…

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The Debt Ceiling

Congress continues to play a game of chicken with the debt ceiling. This marks the fifth summer in a row of “potential” financial Armageddon. Treasury secretary Geithner went on record this morning saying “Each side has said definitively that default is not an option”, “They’re not going to play around…

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How to invest in Emerging Market Middle Class Consumers

An important economic and investment theme is the boom in middle class consumers worldwide. Over the next decade, 450 million people are expected to join the middle class in China and India alone. China recently crossed $6,000 in per capita income. This is a key level where you typically see…

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The Dangers of Market Timing

In our last blog post about economic indicators, we said that this is a dangerous time to try to time the market. All of the leading economic indicators had been indicating an economic slowdown and the Greek debt crisis and our own Debt Ceiling had been weighing on the market….

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