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Weekly Insight: Q1 2015 Review and Outlook

Most domestic stock market indexes ended the first quarter of 2015 very close to where they began the year. Foreign markets began to attract investors and significantly outperform their U.S counterparts for the first time in several years. The Vanguard All World Ex US ETF (VEU), which broadly represents all…

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1st Half 2014 Review & Outlook

The front page headline of the Wall Street Journal the other day said it all – “Stock, Bond, Commodities indexes rise in unison for first time since 1993”; the caveat “some see clouds forming.” It’s been called the Rodney Dangerfield rally because it gets no respect. Investors have become preconditioned to every…

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1st Quarter Commentary, 2014

Early in the second quarter it is becoming clear that the high flying momentum stocks that propelled the S&P to new highs in 2013 are taking it on the chin. Stocks such as Tesla, Priceline and Netflix are down in excess of twenty percent in just one short month. This…

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2013 Review / 2014 Outlook

 Suppose I told you that we were going to have budget cuts (through the sequestration), broad based tax increases (due to the expiration of the payroll tax holiday), a government shutdown, continued high employment (over 7%) and mediocre economic growth (2%). What do you think the stock market would do…

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3rd Quarter Commentary, 2013

Today’s commentary provides a recap of the 3rd quarter and expectations going forward. We are pleased to report that all of our portfolios reporting for the full third quarter experienced positive net performance. The quarter was a challenging period for many asset classes such as bonds, real estate, and commodities….

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