My SOULFUL week in Haiti

As a problem solver, I wanted to figure how to fix it but after a few days I realized just how big the problem really is. How can a community change with so much corruption, vulnerability to natural disasters, low literacy rates, and almost 80% of the country’s wealth is owned by five families?

Market Update – October 19, 2018

Over the last week, the U.S. equity markets have experienced an increase in volatility. The VIX, which is known as the “fear index” spiked up from 12 to about 25 in a very short period.  CNBC Asia, turned to Robert Luna, Surevest CEO & Chief Investment Strategist for answers. 

How important is cable TV?

. Cable service seems to have lost its stranglehold on the American public and has become the new Kodak. So, is everyone jumping on the cord cutting and taking out their cable boxes? Is this now a world ruled by the Roku, Apple TV, or Fire stick? Or is it smoke and mirrors?

Plugged in!

In Arizona, having an Alternative Fuel vehicle allows you not only access to the carpool lane during restricted times, it also means a reduced annual car registration fee to just $30!

The Nest – How to use The Vault

The Vault is one of the most user-friendly items The Nest has to offer. Clients find this very useful as far as keeping all their personal, business and Surevest related documents in one place. Yes, you can even upload your passport, driver’s license and social security card.