Jersey Women Strong!

Jersey Women Strong (JWS)  is northern New Jersey’s largest all-women’s running and multi-sport club and is founded and led by Dana White.  As important as JWS is to every member, they are just as important, if not more, to the community.

Flashbulb Memory – 9/11

This week contained an anniversary that forever changed the course of history. On Tuesday we remembered the 17th anniversary of the terrorist attack on U.S. soil.  In memory of those affected by the event, we dedicate this writing. Flashbulb memories are described as a recollection of an event so vividly that one can recall it…

A tax-effective way to donate to charity

In January the tax reform made a dramatic increase to the standard deduction, while also limiting some of the things you can itemize. So for those over age 70 ½ may feel the impact of their required minimum distributions (RMDs) a little more this year. If you are taking RMDs but don’t really want or need the money, a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) may be good way to distribute the minimum required amount out of the IRA, avoid the penalty, and satisfy your charitable intents.

Market Update – September 7, 2018

Another record was set on Wall Street this week when  Amazon (AMZN) became the second company in the world to breach the $1 trillion market capitalization mark. Sorting through old media clips, I came across a bold prediction made by Robert Luna, Surevest CEO and Chief Investment Strategist.

The ultimate gift

In 1982 the chances of having twins was three per 1,000 births. I’m one of those three. The number of babies born with Down syndrome each year? One in 6,000. My little sister, Diane, is one them. The number of living kidney donations estimated to be completed in 2018? Nearly 6,000. We are one of them.