What can you expect from a relationship with our firm?

  • Understanding and minimization of your family’s complete financial risk exposure
  • Clear and concise financial goals and objectives
  • A strategic plan to meet your targets
  • Timely advice on the tax, investment, and economic data that is meaningful to your personal situation
  • Coordination and recommendation of other experts such as insurance agents, attorneys, and CPAs to ensure a working relationship that holistically maximizes financial decisions
  • Ongoing active portfolio management and independent reporting
  • Mutual accountability to achieve your goals
  • A personal financial portal that consolidates all of your internal and external accounts in one easy place
  • Concierge level service

Security & Transparency

Surevest provide our clients with the security and transparency they deserve through our independent partners.


TD Ameritrade is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects securities of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). You can learn more about SIPC Coverage at SIPC.org or ask your advisor for a brochure.


Outside of independent custodial reporting from TD Ameritrade, we use an independent third party, Orion, for our performance reporting. Not only does Orion ensure your performance reporting is transparent, but it also provides an additional level of security.


Your portfolio is designed based on your personal risk tolerance and desired returns. Before you start investing with us, we’ll illustrate the volatility and returns you can expect using our SV Risk Tool powered by Riskalyze. Riskalyze assists us in pinpointing your risk number and building a portfolio that fits your needs.

Vision and Mission

The meaning of the Surevest quail.

The Gamble Quail is a common bird found in the Scottsdale area of Arizona where our firm was founded in 2002.

The Quail symbolizes a higher level of consciousness and a protective community–two qualities that embody our learning culture and fiduciary pledge to our clients.


Become the respected market leader in fiduciary planning and investment solutions that helps the world become better stewards and investors of the assets that sustain organizational and personal missions.


Operate daily with integrity to execute client mission objectives through ongoing management of a personalized strategy, delivery of world-class investment solutions, continual oversight, and accountability.