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    Our clients have grown beyond cookie-cutter service and advice.

    We are not a firm that serves the masses. At Surevest, we have built a highly credentialed team dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of a select clientele. Our clients’ time is valuable, and their needs have grown beyond generic advice and call center service. We carefully interview prospective clients to ensure that we are the correct fit for each other. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients that extend across multiple generations.

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    All advice is not equal.

    The terms “financial advisor” and “financial planner” are used too freely in our industry. The fact is, the criteria required to label yourself any one of these titles is extremely minimal. You will find a vast difference in the quality of advice being provided in the marketplace today. At Surevest we require a higher standard be met by the advisors providing guidance to our clients. At minimum, all Senior Wealth Advisors at our firm have at least ten years of experience and have passed the Certified Financial Planner™ exam. In developing and maintaining client’s investment portfolios, each advisor partners with a person who has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation. For more complex planning strategies, each Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner is able to access members of our planning committee to collaborate on strategies to benefit our clients. When appropriate, Surevest has a long history of successfully working with external CPA’s and Estate planning attorneys  to assure our clients receive the most useful and timely advice in an ongoing manner.

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    Our interests are aligned.

    We are a fee-only fiduciary. Our advisers are compensated only on the fees you pay from all investments to eliminate potential conflicts of interests from commissions. We believe this structure places us on the same side of the table as our clients’ and incentivizes us based on our clients’ continued success. Under this arrangement, we can oversee and advise on all our client’s investments. This includes both internal and external, private and public. This ranges from publicly traded equities to alternatives such as private equity or closely held businesses.

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    Team-Based Solutions

    Collaborative solutions to challenge the status quo.

    When you work with a Surevest financial life planner, that advisor does not work alone. Each of our advisors has an operations team, a planning committee and an investment committee continually supporting him or her with the resources and support necessary to dedicate his or her time to your personal success and not to the “business” of financial services. By accessing the collective experiences of our planning and investing committees, we believe our advisors develop better plans and investment portfolios due to the added rigor and accountability of our proprietary processes. This is a significant departure from our competitors, where many times, a single advisor is tasked with the responsibility of being a planner, manager, marketer, and operations person, ultimately leading to a subpar client experience.