Surevest situational planning client

This solution is for clients who have not yet reached the need for more comprehensive and ongoing solutions.

Client Goals

Situational clients work with us on needs such as one-time investment reviews, corporate 401(k) plan, stock option planning, retirement planning, education planning, and major purchase planning. We have also helped trustees navigate the settlement and distribution of estates and helped children of aging parents who need assistance with wealth-transfer planning. This is also a great solution for clients just looking for a highly qualified “second opinion.”


  • Investment review and planning (one-time)
  • Retirement plan and projections
  • Education plan and projections
  • Estate settlement assistance
  • Insurance planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • 401(k) review and guidance (one-time)
  • Second opinion analysis and review

Fees & Minimums

Fees are based on an hourly or flat fee basis, depending on the complexity & scope of work. The maximum hourly fee to be charged will not exceed $500 per hour or $10,000 quarterly.

Disclosure: All fees and services are negotiable. This is not designed to be a comprehensive list of fees and/or services. Please see our firm’s form ADV for a comprehensive list of services, fees and minimums.