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CNBC: Correction Protection

How to protect your portfolio for a potential market correction, with Robert Luna, Surevest Capital Management and Mark Travis, Intrepid Capital Funds.

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InvestmentNews, “Dow Reaches 15,000”

Liz Skinner of InvestmentNews features Jeremy Kisner, CFP, president at Surevest Capital Management, in an article discussing the Dow reaching 15,000. Kisner weighs in on what to expect and what he is telling his clients. “I try to take the emotion out of investing by focusing on valuations. I tell…

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Yahoo Finance, “Stock Pick of The Year”

Robert Luna, CIMA, CEO and chief investment officer at Surevest Capital Management, appears on Yahoo! Finance TV “Big Data Download” to discuss his stock pick of the year, Disney (DIS). “Disney’s reinvestment and acquisition strategy is the most important thing to watch in continuing earnings growth and share price appreciation…

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