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Weekly Insight: The Travel Bucket List

Summer travel season is in full swing.  I love to travel and I also love to hear about the amazing trips our clients are taking.  This got me thinking about the countries that should be on my (yet to be compiled) bucket List of travel destinations.  I am open to…

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Weekly Insight: Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?

 A friend of mine, who is responsible for data security for a large institution, was recently lamenting the fact that his employer constantly fights his efforts to make the network more secure. Naturally, I asked why. He said there is an inverse relationship between security and convenience. The more secure…

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Weekly Insight: Relocating in Retirement

In a prior life, I remember attending a presentation by a financial advisor who was in charge of my company’s 401k plan. The advisor asked all of us in the audience to close our eyes and envision where we wanted to live in retirement. I closed my eyes and visualized…

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Weekly Insight: Volatile Earnings, Steady Spending

Sometimes it seems like financial planners are divorced from reality. They say things like “pay yourself first, save 15% of your salary, live beneath your means, pay off your credit cards every month, etc.” All of these simple rules to building wealth work. In fact, they are great advice; however,…

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Weekly Insight: Uber and The Sharing Economy

Have you ever sat around trying to think of an idea that would make you rich? It always seems so simple after someone else comes up with it. Then we all scratch our heads and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?” One such idea was developing an app…

| In the Media Who Needs Life Insurance?

Jeremy Kisner, Senior Wealth Advisor with Surevest Wealth Management discusses, in the below article, why you need to get serious about life insurance by your midlife.  Life Insurance: Why You Need It At Midlife | Bankrate.comKisner, a fellow midlifer with a wife and three sub-teens at home, knows the…

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