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Weekly Insight: How Much Is a Company Worth?

Ultimately, the value of any item is what others are willing to pay for it. In the absence of government intervention, prices are set by supply and demand. Consumers typically decide what they are willing to pay for an item based on their tastes, preferences, or sentimental attachment. However, the…

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Weekly Insight: How Much Do I Need to Save?

  How much do I need to save? That seems like a straightforward question for a financial planner. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a straightforward answer? Everyone wants to boil down financial planning to simple rules like “Always save 10% of your pay.” Saving a percentage of…

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CNBC: Google can rally 15%-20% within a year

Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, thinks the Google stock can rally dramatically over the next year.     Jeremy Kisner Jeremy A. Kisner, CFP®, CPWA® is a Senior Wealth Advisor at Surevest Wealth Management and author of book: A Good Financial Adviser Will Tell You. http://svwealth.

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Weekly Insight: What is Going on in Greece?

Since Greece has been dominating the financial news for the past couple of weeks, I will attempt to put forth a simple, cohesive explanation of what is going on. The Greek economy only represents .03% of global economic output per year, equivalent to the economy of Atlanta, Georgia. A Greek…

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2nd Quarter Review and Outlook

Congratulations to our U.S Women’s soccer team for winning the 2015 World Cup. You are a fine example of American heart, perseverance, and pride. As for American stocks, the second quarter of 2015 ended slightly behind the first quarter. U.S. markets are basically flat so far in 2015, despite some…

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