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CNBC: Market Outlook after Sell-Off

Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, discusses the current market outlook after the big sell-off and it’s relative health moving forward.     Jeremy Kisner Jeremy A. Kisner, CFP®, CPWA® is a Senior Wealth Advisor at Surevest Wealth Management and author of book: A Good Financial Adviser Will Tell You….

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Weekly Insight: Global Market Sell-Off

The steep drop is a significant departure from what we have seen over the past four years. As we discussed in our commentary last month, we were long overdue for a market correction. We never know exactly when one will occur; however, we have had 123 declines of 10% or…

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Weekly Insight: Your Family Wealth Philosophy

It’s a shocking statistic: More than 66% of the time, family wealth fails to outlive the generation following the one that created it, and 90% of the time, assets are exhausted before the end of the third generation. Parents fear that raising kids in a wealthy household or bestowing large…

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Weekly Insight: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Possibly the most fundamental belief in our society is that the freedom to choose makes people happy. The more affluent we become, the more freedom/choices we have available to us and, in theory, the happier we should be. The problem is the average American is less satisfied with his or…

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Weekly Insight: The Value of Your Time

Do you know people who will drive an extra few minutes to buy gas at the cheapest station in town? Or how about people who clip coupons and then drive around town, shopping only at the places where they have coupons? At some level, I admire their frugality. On the…

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