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Weekly Insight: More BREXIT Insights

It is hard to write about anything else when the Brexit is the only story in the financial media. We wrote about it last week before the vote: What is Brexit and why do we care?, posted this update after the vote, and today we add a few more thoughts….

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And so, the BREXIT begins

In a tight race, British voters decided to leave the European Union in favor of greater political flexibility. We wrote about this in our Tuesday newsletter: What is Brexit and why do we care? The outcome was unexpected, as polls indicated that the “Remain” camp had a slight majority. Markets…

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Weekly Insight: What is Brexit and Why Do We Care?

Anyone who has been following the news, especially the financial news, knows that Britain is voting this Thursday on whether to remain in the European Union (EU). The British may vote to leave /exit the EU, hence the term “Brexit.” The markets do not like uncertainty, so this issue has…

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Weekly Insight: Reducing your utility bills through Solar Energy

Are you interested in reducing your utility bills while doing something good for the environment? A lot of people are saying “yes” to that question. The popularity of solar energy continues to grow. This is partly because solar companies have found less expensive ways to produce and install the panels…

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Weekly Insight: Prince’s Lack of Estate Plan

I am always surprised when I hear that 55% of adults do not have a will or trust. When people die without an estate plan, they frequently leave a mess behind for their loved ones. Prince became the latest celebrity to pass away with a shocking lack of estate planning,…

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CNBC: Banks Are Under Pressure

Robert Luna, CEO of Surevest Wealth Management, Discusses the market performance in the financial sector. Robert Luna Robert has over 16 years of experience in managing assets for institutions, professional athletes, small business owners and high net worth investors. He is an alumnus of the Wharton School at the University…

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