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Weekly Insight: The Podcasting Revolution

You are missing one of the great innovations of the past decade if you are not listening to podcasts on a regular basis. A podcast is simply a radio show that has been recorded and can be downloaded or streamed through your computer or smartphone. Why is podcasting so important?…

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Weekly Insight: Household Incomes Surge

It is easy for good news to get lost or missed these days. I did not want anyone to miss one of the most positive pieces of economic news in a long time. Ever since the Great Recession, we have been waiting for household incomes to bounce back. We have…

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Weekly Insight: Negative Interest Rates

Record low interest rates have been bad for savers and retirees, but at least they can grasp the idea of low interest rates. They have a tougher time getting their heads around the idea of negative interest rates, which have become a reality in some countries. In fact, 30% of…

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Weekly Insight: Slot Machines

A lot of similar character traits can be found among financially-successful people. Many are obvious, such as frugality, living beneath your means, consistent saving and investing, modest cars, etc. A less obvious trait is that they tend not to have expensive hobbies or vices. This article could offend many readers…

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