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FAQs About Social Security Benefits

Social Security is always a hot topic, even though there haven’t been many changes since 2015, when congress eliminated the file-and-suspend and restricted application claiming strategies. Nevertheless, here is an updated version of Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security from our book: A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You… Can…

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Weekly Insight: When Annuities Make Sense

There has never been a financial product that is more misunderstood, misrepresented, or over-sold than annuities. I am the first to admit that annuities have drawbacks (e.g. fees, surrender charges, and limited growth potential). That being said, I firmly believe that annuities can be a great fit for many retirees….

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Weekly Insight: Should Retirees Keep Their Life Insurance

Often retirees own life insurance that they bought many years ago when their needs were different. The purpose of most life insurance policies is to make sure your family will be okay if you are no longer around to earn a paycheck. So, now that you have burned your business…

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Weekly Insight: Self Driving Cars

The idea of a self-driving (autonomous) car is just about as old as cars themselves.  However, advances in radar, laser light, GPS, odometry, and computer vision are going to make self-driving cars a reality sooner than most people think.  Currently, the versions of automated cars permitted on public roads are not fully autonomous. They…

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Weekly Insight: Q1 2017 Review and Outlook

We are very pleased to report another quarter of positive performance. In my January letter, I discussed many of the changes we made to our portfolios during the second half of 2016, such as eliminating mutual funds which had been underperforming, bringing down internal expenses, narrowing our individual stock selection…

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Weekly Insight: Investing for Retirement Income

Priorities change as we progress through different phases of life, and investment objectives are no exception. We grow up conditioned to look at “rate of return” as the main measurement of investment performance. However, the amount and sustainability of income distributed from a portfolio is more important for most retirees….

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Weekly Insight: The Sustainable Withdrawal Rate

Occasionally, I teach a retirement planning course at local community colleges. I pose this scenario to the attendees: Consider an investor with two accounts that each average an 8% rate of return over a 25-year period. Account (A) had good years in the beginning and poor results at the end….

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Weekly Insight: FAQs Regarding Retirement Planning (Part 2)

This week we continue our list of most frequently asked retirement planning questions. Check out FAQs Regarding Retirement Planning (Part 1) if you missed it last week. How should I change my investments when I am getting close to retirement? The idea that you need to invest more conservatively once…

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Weekly Insight: FAQs Regarding Retirement Planning (Part 1)

A couple of years ago, we wrote an article called The Best Is Yet to Come, which explained why retirees are happier and more content than younger folks. One factor fueling retiree happiness is financial security. To that end, we help people plan for retirement so they will not have…

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