Go Beyond Average

Our clients have grown beyond cookie-cutter advice and call-center service.

The financial services industry has traded in vigorous research and customizable solutions for scalable mediocrity. We believe that you deserve more. That’s why we charted our own path to deliver superior results doing meaningful work based on the unique needs of each of our clients.


Benefit from Team-Based Collaboration

We are a team of professionals dedicated to meeting the demands of high-net-worth and high-earning individuals.

We accomplish this through a customized and comprehensive financial life solution that combines independent world-class asset management with a personalized planning approach. Our investment committee, Surevest Investment Counsel, combined with our personal financial teams at Surevest Private Wealth, create meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients in order to strategize and manage effectively a plan that continually meets your financial life goals.

The investor’s chief problem and even his worst enemy is likely to be himself.” — Benjamin Graham

Our financial life planners can help you overcome “the behavior gap.”

A DALBAR study shows that over the past 30 years, equity markets have returned 10.16% annually while the average equity investor only achieved 3.98%!

The primary reason cited for this underperformance is the average person’s inability to separate emotions or “gut feel” from the investment process. A recent Vanguard whitepaper shows that a partnership with a competent investment professional provides the potential to add up to 1.5% to your annual returns through behavioral coaching alone.

Surevest regularly shares our economic insight with national media outlets.

A Partner in Excellence

Our Chief Investment Strategist, Robert J. Luna, is regularly sought out by the national media to share his views on how our team is navigating the current economic environment. Robert and his team continuously monitor global economic and market-leading indicators to position our clients ahead of the curve.

At Surevest, we look beyond the obvious and challenge consensus to find the most compelling opportunities for our clients. “If it’s obvious, it’s obviously wrong”. — Joe Granville

Discover new opportunities with our global research

*48% of the world’s global stock market capitalization is outside of the United States.

Our research has found some of the best opportunities are abroad. There is no substitute for experience. Our Chief Investment Strategist has traveled extensively throughout countries such as China, Singapore and India to research less known opportunities for our investors.

*Source: FactSet as of 12/31/2017 MSCI All Country World Index based in U.S. Dollars