Market Update – July 19, 2019

We hear about the Federal Reserve (the Fed) in the financial news all the time and we have written about the Fed in our weekly Market Updates.  Most investors realize that the Fed is important, but they are not aware of the details on how it operates.  Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and describe the basic structure of the Federal Reserve.

Market Update – June 28, 2019

As the first six months of the year comes to an end, stocks globally have returned excellent numbers. As of Thursday’s market close, the S&P 500 is up a little more than 16.5%, while emerging markets are up 9.2% and Eurozone equities and Japanese stocks have increased 15% and 9.8% respectively.

Market Update – June 7, 2019

The flight to safety continues in the bond market, pushing the U.S. 10 Year Government Bond to 2017 levels. Normally a bond rally like the one we have seen leads to a sell off in equities. However, that is not what we have seen; in fact, the S&P 500 has increased 2.17% in the last week.

Market Update – May 31, 2019

While most people are fretting about market volatility and the China trade war, at Surevest, we are focusing on the things we can control and the issues that impact our client’s long-term wealth. We are just one tweet away from a 10% rally or a 10% decline in the S&P 500. Either way, looking out 5-10 years, that move will be meaningless to your ability to tap into your portfolio as a source of income to fund your lifestyle.

Market Update – May 24, 2019

As the trade war with China heated up this week, investors rushed to safety with the 10-Year U.S treasury hitting its lowest level since Nov 2017 with a yield of 2.3% yesterday.

Our view remains that a trade deal eventually gets done, but not as fast as most would like. The potential for a 25% Tarif on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports has increased and ultimately could result in about a 0.5 to 1% hit to U.S. GDP; potentially twice that to the Chinese economy.

Market Update – May 17, 2019

The trade war has been dominating headlines this week, so we wanted to share a few thoughts and insights. First, a little background… The idea behind Free Trade is we should all specialize in whatever we can do better and cheaper than anyone else and then trade to get the things others produce more efficiently.

Market Update – May 10, 2019

Just last week, Wall Street was celebrating a new milestone of fresh market highs, but the high quickly came to an end following a weekend tweet. The possibility of a trade war has been on investor’s radar for about a year, but the market has mostly been discounting the risk. The consensus is that the current administration and China have been playing hard ball, but that they would reach an agreement.

Market Update – May 3, 2019

It was an eventful week on Wall Street with new records set as the S&P 500 topped its previous September highs.  The major index closed at 2945 for the first time in history this last Tuesday.  Among the reasons for the optimism is a better than expected earnings season so far. 

Surevest Financial Coach & NFL Alum Levi Brown Shares Letter to NFL Draft Hopefuls

With the NFL draft upon us, I thought it appropriate to write this quick note to the NFL hopefuls and draft prospects who eagerly wait to hear their name and have a chance to play on Sundays.  For most of you young men, the journey has been a long one.  You have been involved with football since you were a kid, endured grueling training and practices at both the high school and college levels and now it is time to reap the fruits of your labor.  More appropriately to get a taste of the fame, financial security and lifestyle afforded to those who play at a high level in the League.