Combating IT Risks Starts with You 

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time of year when inspiration is abundant and optimism is high. No more overpriced coffee in the morning! No more slacking on those gym visits! I’m with you on all of that, but I wanted to spend some time talking, on a small home office and small business level, on how we can improve on our bad IT cyber-security habits.

Market Update – December 21, 2018

Once the dust settles, just like every other market correction, investors will look back and say I should have bought that stock when it was trading so low. Luckily for our clients, we are looking to be opportunistic on your behalf.  In our view we are getting close to levels where we should see some support and we think another 6-8% downside would be a gift for buyers. Surprisingly of the hundreds of clients we have, we have heard from less than a handful during this volatility.

Market Update – December 14, 2018

It has been another eventful week in the U.S. and global equity markets.  As the year ends, it appears we may not be getting the much-anticipated Santa Claus rally.  On the contrary, this year for the holiday’s the market has brought us uncertainty.  However, we see the volatility as an opportunity to find good investments that are now trading at a discount to their levels from a few months back.

Market Update – December 07, 2018

Market volatility continues in the U.S. equity markets this week.  The broader indexes saw a spike higher on Monday after optimism on a potential U.S. and China trade deal, but all the gains were given up on Tuesday when the market lost hope the dinner between President Trump and President Xi Jinping would lead to a productive negotiation between the two nations.